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"It was a high-energy show from start to finish with very animated band members and an interactive lead singer Warren Meredith. It is always refreshing to see talented young artists with a guitar-forward rock sound."

Ongoing History of music Taming Sari Rock Rock'n'roll

"Taming Sari, a local band with members from Ontario and Quebec, kicked off the evening on the SiriusXM stage with a true rock spectacle."

The Dawg and Gus Show

Interview with the "Two" 
May 2023

CTV Morning Live

Interview with Rosey Edeh
Nov. 2021 
ctv interview.jpg

Alan Cross, Q107

5 songs you must hear this week: 08 November 2021

"Southern-fried rock from Canada? Yep. Ottawa’s Taming Sari (the name is Malay for “flower shield”) has been around for a couple of years now and would no doubt be better known across the country had it not been for COVID. Now, though, with live music coming back, it’s inevitable that we’ll be hearing more from these guys. Pairs nicely with Glorious Sons, too."

  "...signature guitar work, thunderous drums and a big singalong chorus, Crazy is a supercharged party anthem..."

Crazy review by Darryl Sterdan - 2021/10/13

 "...classic rock and old-school blues into a decidedly modern package with their latest rollicking single and video Loving Way..."

Loving Way review by Daryl Sterdan - 2020/09/10

Dropout Entertainment

Song Of The Day and review by Jesse Read - 2021/02/24

 "...full of powerful vocals and equally powerful drum fills, passionate and vulnerable lyrics, seemingly-endless slide guitar melodies, some killer organs and an all-round groovy bass line. It’s a great listen..."

gone and run away.jpg
canadian beats.png
Review by Jenna Melanson - 2021/10/14
Review by Carson Rowsell - 2019/09/20

 "Taming Sari’s signature splashy guitar work and thunderous drums guide the listener through a supercharged anthem to inspire hope in the post-pandemic."


Indie Music Bus

Song review by
Walter & Darlene Hargrave

 "Taming Sari’s rich sound, mature lyrics and passionate vocal content combined, makes their song, “Down with the Devil,” instantly likable and radio friendly."

Dan DeAngelis

Album review -
Thirsty From The Drought

 "The 8 tracks on “Thirsty From The Drought” are hook-filled, each one with the potential to be a successful single."

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