A road of mishaps and intricate life experiences made the Taming Sari guys collide
and band together. With a new sound to the playground, they bring that classic rock
and blues feel back into modern day rock and roll. Toronto producer Ross Hayes
Citrullo helped them tap into the melodic and unique voice of Warren Meredith and
directed them towards what is now the Taming Sari sound. 

They released their debut single titled Down With The Devil in May 2019 and second
single ‘’Wake Up Boy’’ in July 2019 in order to build up the hype and promote the
release of their debut album Thirsty from the Drought in September of 2019.  
Carson Roswell of Canadian Beats writes: ‘’It is easy to say that Taming Sari are doing
what they want to do: get their music to the world. Their style is a style that anyone
could listen to and dance or sing along.’’
Since the album release last fall, the band has been on a roll in playing shows such as
opening up for the Planet Smashers, The Lazys, playing during an Ottawa Senators
game (intermission), and being part of events with local rock station Rebel 101.7 (Real
Rock Concert Series & Rebel Real Rock Search). Taming Sari was selected by fan vote
to take part in the finals of the Real Rock Search.  Down with the devil made it as a finalist for Ottawa rock song of the year and Wake up boy came in as a top 50 judges favorite for the CBC Searchlight competition. 2020 saw the departure of their then lead guitarist Danny, to welcome Joe Fraser as their new lead axe.

Their new single ‘’Loving Way’’ released July 17, including further plans to record and
release two more singles alongside music videos in 2020, solidifies the strong creative
relationship with Producer Ross Hayes Citrullo and Bill Miller of Sharp 9 Music. They're newest single Gone and run away is their first ballad added to their roster.
Alexandre Pellerin-Auprix
Warren Meredith
Lead vocals
Adam Ouellette
Drums / back vox
Joe Fraser
Lead Guitar
Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry
Rhythm Guitar