A road of mishaps and life experiences brought these five guys together in order to form Taming Sari, a band from Ottawa, Ontario (CA). With a new sound to the playground, they bring that classic rock and blues feel back into modern day rock and roll to seduce you as you get up on your feet and dance to the beat! Formed in September 2017, the five members; Danny, Miguel, Adam, Alex, and Warren, all had a very important thing in commun; they were all willing and ready to do whatever it took to bring their sound to the world. They released their first demo EP titled 'Forest' in late June 2018 and got the attention of Toronto producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. Ross helped them tap into the melodic and unique voice of the singer and quickly direct them towards what is now the Taming Sari sound. 

They released their debut single titled 'Down With The Devil' May 17,2019, and are set to release their second single in mid July in order to promote the release of their upcoming album 'Thirsty from the Drought' in September of 2019.  Taming Sari is on a mission to bring their art to as many cities and countries as possible.

Alexandre Pellerin-Auprix
Warren Meredith
Lead vocals
Adam Ouellette
Drums / back vox
Danny Seguin-Brunette
Lead Guitar
Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry
Rhythm Guitar
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